25 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Were not sure why were left scrambling to score last-minute Christmas gifts every year, but here we are: Another Christmas season that started right after Halloween, another Christmas season ending with chaos. Do yourself a favor: avoid the mall (ugh) and shop online, as two-day shipping means plenty of great gifts can be ordered with ease to arrive by the 24th.

Our favorite last-minute gifts come in a bunch of different prices, from stocking stuffers to prime under-the-tree candidates. But most importantly, theyre all available on Amazon Prime so, like Santa, theyll get here right on time.

The Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Everyone needs a laptop sleeve, so why not get one that's also a design showpiece?

Yes, of course, theres always basic black or tired gray. But this floral sleeve, which is fully padded and fleece lined, looks good and fits a 13 inchMacBook.

Can't swing a trip to Paris? Get this candle instead.

This candle, no joke, smells like a buttery croissant. Minus the plane ticket price.

For the person who loves great everyday carry, you can't outdo a classic James Brand knife.

Its your grandfathers pocket knife, updated. You get a slim, minimal design thats big on style, low on baggage.

You can't put a price on memories, which is why we dig this digital photo frame.

You use the app to manage what photos show up in the digital photo frame, and you can share photos with your family network. Plus, the photo frame has a16:10 aspect ratio display with 1280 x 800 resolution that auto adjusts to portrait or landscape placement. A perfect gift for grandparents, new parents, dog parents, you name it.

Any guy will appreciate this luxurious shave kit, which has everything he could possibly want.

The signature item in this shaving kit is the brands safety razor, whichis designed specifically to prevent razor bumps and irritation. Plus, the set includes a shave brush, shave oil, balm, and shave cream. And none of it smells like AXE.

Let's face it: People are gonna hit the food, and sauce, hard during the holidays. So get this Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch, especially at this now-discounted price.

The Fitbit Versa 2 comes with Alexa built-in for easy access news and weather. This smartwatch can be used to track sleep scores, and of course, how many calories are burned. Plus, theres access to thousands of songs.

Does anyone need cashmere socks? No. But will everyone weep with joy over these socks? Hell yes.

These cashmere socks are so soft, so decadent, shell never take them off. Theyre a great gift for any woman in your life.

The gamer in your life will dig this wireless gaming headset, with ultra low latency and zero interference.

These outstanding gaming headphones are compatible with PC, Mac, Switch and Playstation, have low sound distortion, and a ClearCast microphone that delivers studio quality voice clarity with background noise cancellation.

These Bose workout headphones are the best and more secure you can buy.

These workout earbuds charge in two hours.They are sweat- and weather-resistant with an IPX4 rating and have a secure fit, so they wont move around no matter what goes down in the gym. Or on a hike.

A portable, powerful speaker from one of the most trusted brands aroundnow with one-touch access to Siri and Google Assistant.

The only thing better than Bose sound is 360 degrees of Bose sound as delivered by the Bose Soundlink Resolve. Twelve hours of battery life, IPX4 water resistance, and easy access to your phones voice assistant round out the feature list on this bad boy, a great gift for music- and podcast-lovers alike.

Anyone who needs help being organized, or just appreciates being on time, will dig this gorgeous planner.

This planner helps get the new year started off right, and get anyones priorities in order.

Long a staple of fancy steakhouses, sous vide cookers have become more and more popular for home chefs as of late. This Bluetooth-equipped model is a great way to see what the fuss is about.

Putting food in plastic bags and cooking it slowly in a vat of heated water doesnt sound particularly appetizing, but once you taste a perfectly cooked sous vide steak youll get it. There are thousands of other recipes included in the companion app for this cooker, and if youre connected to it via Bluetooth starting the process is as simple as pressing a button. Bon apetit!

A high-quality cleaver is a staple of any chef's arsenal, and this German-made blade is nothing if not high-quality.

If the person youre shopping for already has a great chefs knife, consider this cleaver. It makes chopping through tough meats and thick vegetables easy, with an ice-hardened blade designed for the impact of cleaving. And once youve chopped, scooping up your ingredients with the broad blade is quick and easy. Cleavers: theyre not just for horror movies anymore.

Jack Black makes the most reliable skin care for guys, and this set has everything he needs.

Men, you have to take care of your skin. And this set has everything he needs: A cleanser, a scrub, a moisturizer, and of course, a lip balm. This stuff really delivers.

The gift of relaxation is always a hit, and this camping hammock is an easy and inexpensive way to relax. Because life's too short to go through it sans hammock.

This camping hammock is under $30 and has a staggering 4.8-star rating on over 4,100 (!) reviews. It can be easily set up between two trees in a remote area of the wildernessor the ones in the backyard.


This new take on Nintendos blockbuster console ditches the TV connectivity and detachable controllers for a smaller, lighter package with better battery life. It can still play the impressive library of Switch games, and its hard to imagine anyone who enjoys a video game or two being bummed when they unwrap this thing.

A versatile dopp kit that keeps everything organized and contained. What's not to like?

If that stocking isnt quite as stuffed as it could be, this dopp kit is an excellent idea. Its understated. Its sleek. And it keeps every bit of grooming gear in one place. It hasorigami-style internal pocket layouts for organization.

DJI makes some of the best photo gear you can buy, and this is the brand's newest, most accessible drone.

Small yet powerful, this mini drone weighs less than 250 grams, about the weight of your phone. You get 30 minutes of flight time, capturing gorgeous visuals from the sky. The Mavic mini done supports 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K quad HD videos.

Chances that they already have a smoking gun? Slim. Chances that they'll enjoy using this one? Whatever the opposite of slim is.

Want to make some mesquite popcorn for the kids? A cherry-smoked old fashioned for yourself? Quick-smoke some pork belly? The Breville Smoking Gun is the gadget for you, friend. You can use non-presoaked wood chips, tea, spices, hay, dried flowers, and herbs in this thing, so the flavor possibilities are endless.

A good cast iron grill is a staple of any kitchen. This one makes grill marks!

The bottom of this cast-iron grill pan is a beautiful cherry red enamel, a trademark of beloved French cookware manufacturer Staub. The top is a grill pan with nearly 80 square inches of cooking surface that gives your food the exceptional browning of a cast iron and the grill marks you just love to see without firing up the actual grill, an unpleasant task in the dead of winter.

The kitchen table is OK for eating and Lego builds, but serious hobbyists and home improvers will appreciate the strength and versatility of this dedicated work table.

The Pegasus is a great gift for anyone involved in any number of projects. The six integrated clamps are handy for securing wood (up to 300 pounds), and when you needs a sawhorse, a few quick twists and youve got one. At a mere 30 pounds, you can easily haul this thing wherever you need it.

This tiny gadget is a must in the age of Bluetooth.

This gadget from TaoTronics turns any audio source with a standard headphone jack into a Bluetooth source, so you can finally use those expensive headphones to watch in-flight entertainment. It also does the opposite, so you can plug this thing into your home audio system and play music from your phone around the house.

When summer rolls around, they'll be glad they have this classic pair of rubber-soled flip-flops

Flip-flops inevitably get dirty, which means everyone who wears them will eventually need a fresh pair. The Fanning Flip Flop from Reef is a great choice. They have way more arch support than cheaper (and even some more expensive) options, and made to get wet. Plus, theres a bottle opener, so any al fresco beers can be opened with ease.

This sleek backpack style-cooler bag keeps your beverages cold all day long.

Whether you want to carry daily rations, keep beer cold on the way to the beach or, haul back your catch of the day from the local creek, this is the roll-top bag for the job. The Pro Cooler XL weighs 3.5 pounds but can pack 24 cans inside of its odor-proof interior. Padded, ventilated straps make it easier to carry than similar models.

If Santa brought a new iPhone, be the hero and remember to snag a case that can protect it.

At just 0.02 inches thick, this case is one of the thinnest around. Its free of gaudy branding, and has a raised camera ring to keep the lenses on the new iPhones protected. Its not the best for frequent droppers, but for keeping the new iPhone scratch-free, this case is hard to beat.

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