A bowl of Goodness

1 can chickpeas 200g Carrots 150g White Cabbage 2 tsp Tumeric

Yes… All of these goodness’ combined and I love it…. Just the chickpea Goodness… OMG..

And.. Oh yes just to mention it, it’s a stir fry, so if you want you can make another goodness if a Rice or other grain…. Like POTAAATTTOOOESS to it…

What should be made at first, but otherwise… Let’s jump right into it…

Peel, by choice the Carrots, so cut it into slices and chop up the Cabbage, which you’ll steam in a pot of water for 5 minutes, together…

While you drain and wash the Chickpeas, so prepare the Tumeric to be ready to be scooped out…… I’m serious!

Once the vegetables are ready steamed, get yourself a nice little frying pan and overall… Or to say it on one easy Step, throw it all in the frying pan with the Tumeric and fry the hell out of it (kinda 5 minutes) … Xd

Ready to serve, right away!