Baked Sheet Pancakes

With some many kids in the house now and them all waking up instantly starving, the quickest and easiest route is sheet pancakes. There’s a lot of variations and ways to change it up. Here’s the easiest (Bisquick) way.

What You’ll Need:
Bisquick mix (or whatever you normally use for pancakes) Milk Eggs Cooking spray Cookie sheet or similar large retangular pan (for the amount this amount, you can change it as you please) Fruits, sprinkles, cinnamon, chocolate chips, instant oatmeal, or whatever toppings/fillings you want
How to Make It:
Preheat oven to 375° Spray pan thoroughly Mix four cups Bisquick, two cups milk, and four eggs Stir Add in whatever you want to make it yummy (today I did some frozen mixed berries and blue agave syrup) Bake until bottom is done (sides start to get crisp and seperate from tge side of the pan) and then turn on broil until the top is the color you want Cut into the pancake and make sure the inside is done before eating