One Hundred Dollars a Month Mavis Weekly Highlights 12/7/19

Hello Saturday!

Miss Lucy doesnt even want to get out of bed this morning, and I cant blame her. It was FOURTEEN degrees outside when I woke up. 14! Now that is downright chilly.

On the agenda for today:

How about YOU? Whats on your to-do list for today?

Have a great Saturday everyone,

Mavis & Lucy

Candy Cane Sleighs: These candy loaded candy cane sleighs will not only make great gifts for your kids friend, but will probably make you the most popular mom on the block {with the kids, at least, the parents may hate you when their kids are climbing up the drapes-ha!}. {Pin it for later}

Stories, Recipes and General Nonsense From this Past Week

Small Business Saturday 3 Things I Found on Etsy I Think Are Pretty Cool

Bird Seed Ornaments: I love these little ornaments. They are a great way to decorate the bare winter branches outdoors, and the kiddos will love the fact that the birds are there because of them. {Pin it for later}

A Few Amazon Deals

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Home & Garden

Kids Stuff

Hersheys Kiss Candy Mice Ornament: First off, what kid doesnt love a project that involves chocolate? Second, these Hersheys Kiss candy mice ornaments are so cute and would make great gifts for their classmates without breaking the bank. {Pin it for later}

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


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