Starting an Indian restaurant, takeout place or even a food truck? We’ve got you covered with a huge list of brand name suggestions you can use to create a profitable food service business.

This resource is organized by theme below. If you already know the menu you plan to serve then jump straight to the category that’s most appropriate to you. If you don’t have a menu set in stone yet, grab a pen and pad of paper or open up a Google Doc to start brain storming ideas. Let’s go!

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This is a list of all-purpose name suggestions that could be applied to almost any Indian restaurant’s menu. Be sure to complete your due diligence before moving forward with any ideas by checking Google for other businesses operating under the name and confirming your selection isn’t already trademarked.
The Indian Pressure Cooker Lentils Lately Rolling Pot Lentils Curry Cooker The Kabab Pot Indian Frying Pan Hot Naan The Indian Spoon Bengaluru Bites The Hot Hindi Mumbai Tummy Cross Roads Butter Chicken Butter Chicken Bites Idly Rice Company Eaten Rice Restaurant Raw Rice Indian Cuisine Indian Momma Takeout Long Grain Rice Emporium Sambar Spice Culinary Cumin Ginger & Garlic Fennel Seed Kitchen Red Chilli Indian Rock and Roll Indian Heavy Metal Indian Gourmet Spicy Indian Eatery Butter Chicken Buffet Killer Kabab House Scrumptious Kabab Tremendous Tandoori Tandoori House of Yum Tickling Chicken Curry Shop Laughing Man Indian Food Indian Roasters Spare the Cow Indian Peppercorn Passport to India Delicious Darshini Dang Good Darshini Indian Provisions The Holy Cow The Indian Plate
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Vegetarian Indian restaurants
Indian spices can create robust vegetarian flavors.

Indian cuisine has all sorts of vegetarian meals that are packed with flavor. Even if you’re not a full-time vegetarian these dishes can be enjoyed by part-time meat eaters too or adapted slightly to include a protein. Based on the consumer trends, adding more plant-based menu options is smart business approach.
Veggie Balls – This could work well for a restaurant focused on Malai Kofta dishes. Tofu Indian The Curry Leaf Chickpea Curryhouse Plant kabab company Potato Table Seek vegetarian Oasis Vegetarian The Vegan Elephant No Meat Naan Meatless Indian Bowl Company Mutter Paneer Pioneer Growing Indian The Green Indian Nature’s Samosa No Violence Vegan Grass Grazer Indian Garden Gobbler Indian Food Veg Head Indian Quick serve and delivery names
If you plant to open a restaurant, be ready for your bread and butter sales to come through take out, pickup, and delivery. According to a report from the industry research company Statista, food delivery already accounted for $30 billion in annual sales for restaurant in 2015. It doesn’t take an advanced degree in statistics to estimate this number is much higher now given the current environment.

Due to the growth of food delivery apps in recent years and due to more people staying at home for safety reasons, this revenue is expected to grow steady for the next decade. Here are some brand names that articulate contactless food delivery for guests.
Pickup an Indian The Speedy Indian Quick Serve Indian Fast and Fresh Paneer Quick Curry Curry Right Now The Kabob Dash Indian Meals Delivered AAA Indian Neighborhood Indian Cuisine Drive Thru Masala 11 Spices Indian Kitchen Paneer Home Delivery The Indian Caterer Indian Fusion Restaurant name ideas
An Indian / Chinese Fusion Restaurant.

Some of the most creative food come to fruition when two unexpected cultures collide. Fortunately, Indian food works really well as a fusion menu concept. Here are a few ideas to help you bridge the gap between cultures and create a menu that’s exciting to guests.
Samosa Loco: Good Mexican / Indian fusion theme. The Greek Indian Indian Fusion Shop Spicy Potato Indian Food The Asian Indian American Indian Cuisine Indian of the Sea The Indian Taco Shop The Fancy Indian The Italian and Indian Wedding VietIndian The Indian Wok Tropical Tandoori An Indian from Portugal Fast food shop names
Indian peppercorns.

Indian food has adapted to be considered as fast food. One reason for this is the popularity of the meals served food courts or booths around the world. Even in Bangalore, Darshini’s will serve food out in the open in markets or road side stands that is prepared in a fast manner. But just because Indian food is fast doesn’t mean it should be associated with cheap or unhealthy. Think of it as food flexibility instead.
Darshini Delicacy Convenient Indian Food The Indian Counter Butter Chicken Counter Naan Marketplace Naan Delivery Busy Lifestyle Indian Food Simple Meals Indian Refreshing Indian Entrees of India Samosa shop names
Samosa is the perfect mobile food.

Samosa is a traditional Indian street food that can work well for a takeout or food truck menu. Samosas are deep fried dough that usually include potato or a meat fillings. More creative like cheese or even pizza fillings work well too.
Super Samosa Jumpstart Samosa Downtown Samosa Thunder Samosa Takeout Samosa Namaste Samosa Sweet Samosa Company Bright Samosa Restaurant Tikka Mirage Samosa Silly Samosa Shop
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Regional shop names
India is a diverse country with many types of food to draw inspiration from.

India is a country with different landscapes and menus depending on what area of the country you live in. This is a country that has (for better or worse) been influenced by outside flavors due to trade and global conquest.

In North India for example, you’ll find restaurant menus that are dairy focused with a milk and paneer (a cheese) being staple ingredients. In West India, you’ll find a dryer climate that uses pork, beef, small vegetables and chutneys to serve their meals. You can pull from these different food regions and their distinct dishes to draw inspiration for your restaurant brand.
North India Cuisine Chinese and Chutney Chenna Bazaar Chutney Chophouse South India Eats Sail the Seas of India Rocking Rasgulla The Pristine Poppy Seed Indian Stew Kitchen Peppercorn House Hindi names
A Holy Cow.
Indian restaurant name generator
Did you know there are computer programs that will generate a business name for you? Most of these are free and will spit out hundreds of name suggestions based around a keyword or theme you enter into the tool. No imagination required, we promise.

There are many business name suggestion tools available online, but one of my all-time favorite’s is from Shopify. All you need to do is enter in one or two words that represent your business and the tool will return 100 unique ideas. This can help you come up with creative titles you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

Here’s a sample list of the ideas I got by entering the phrase “Indian Spice” into the tool. Try researching a variety of search phrase combinations until you identify something you like.
Indian Spice Toolbox Indian Spice Wiz Surfside Indian Spice Valve Indian Spice Homeland Indian Spice Indian Spice Doctor SunCoast Indian Spice Enjoy Indian Spice Fiesta Indian Spice Viking Indian Spice Indian food truck names
Winner of the Great Food Truck Race: Tikka Tikka Taco.

Planning to purchase a food truck and hit the streets to sell your dishes? Good news… Indian food is the perfect menu to execute on a mobile environment. It’s also extremely flexible in that you can adapt the menu to create tacos or bowls that work well on the go. Here are a few available brand name ideas that fit this theme.
The Rolling Indian The Tikka Truck The Naan Bus Roti Roti street eats Korma street food Masala Chai truck Roaming Chas The Traveling Indian Vada Pav sliders Veggie Indian truck Eastern Olive Rockin’ Rosam Driving South India Silly Sambar Traveling Pappadam Driving to Dosas Street Kootus Mustard Oil Dish Revolving Goan Cuisine Pick It Up Indian Food Naming Strategies
Didn’t find anything that was quite right on our list? Not to worry. It can take weeks, if not months to come up with the perfect brand image and name that fits your vision. You should never settle when it comes to creating your brand. It’s too important to the success or failure of your future restaurant.

With that being said there are proven formulas that can help you come up with a unique name that matches your brand. Here are a few proven strategies:
Menu: If your name has a specialty like Butter Chicken, you can use this in your name. This is a terrific way to differentiate your Indian restaurant, while making it obvious to customers what they can expect. If you have a featured menu item that sets you apart from everyone else, go with that. Use Your Name: It’s not original, but it can get the job done. Something like Tom’s Indian Food can work just fine if you can’t think of an alternative brand. Including a personal name in a restaurant also suggests that the product is made with more care than a chain. Region: Another way to differentiate your restaurant is to add a local spin to it. Something like “The Indian in Boston” can be a simple way to stand out from others. Supporting local is a big national movement in the United States and you can join the trend by incorporating a local city or landmark name.
We hope this post has provided some good ideas for your Indian eatery. If you’re serious about opening a restaurant, don’t forget to sign up for our free Food Business Startup Kit that includes a menu cost spreadsheet and food business model canvas.

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