Teeo Creations Universal Silicone Glass Lid


Not every skillet, pot, or pan you buy comes with a lid of its own. I have a sweet speckled-blue nonstick skillet I bought from that always-tempting middle aisle at ALDI, and while its been working fantastically these past few months, I constantly find myself wishing I had a lid for it.

Well, thats no longer a problem now, because I discovered universal lids like these, which are see-through tempered glass in the middle with a graduated outer silicone ring that fits three different sizes of pot and pan. Theres still a steam vent in the middle too, so it wont let undue pressure build up while youre cooking, and its totally dishwasher-safe, so its super easy to clean afterward. All-around brilliant.

Theyve got a couple options to suit various needs:

Each one is just $15 on Amazon. (Note: Because of the knob screw and the metal around the steam vent, do not use any of these lids in the microwave.)

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