The Advantages Of A Slightly Off-Level RV Site

Most of us are taught to level our RV front to rear and side to side to keep the absorption refrigerator happy and functioning properly. In fact, you will find a wealth of information in books and on the internet as to why its important to level your RV and how to do it. Proper leveling is not only important for the refrigerator but also can play a part in proper operation of the slide-outs, entry doors closing properly, shower and sink drains, etc.

I agree with all of the reasons for leveling your RV and most of the methods for doing so. However, RV absorption refrigerators are not as temperamental regarding level as they once were, and sometimes having your RV slightly off level one way or another can be advantageous.

off level

A little tilt may be advantageous Photo via iRV2 Forums

Lets look at some examples:

  • Bathtub: Being slightly off level can allow water on the perimeter edge of the tub to run back into the tub rather than onto the floor.
  • Bathroom door: If your bathroom door is on hinges, being slightly off level can determine if it stays in the open or closed position when not latched. Remaining in the open position can be an advantage for those of us that get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  • Gutter drips: Being slightly off level can determine where rainwater flows and drips from the roof, eliminating annoying dripping sounds near sleeping areas.
  • Slide-outs: Being slightly off level can assist in rainwater flowing away from slide-out seals, diminishing the possibility of rainwater entering your RV.
  • Potable water tank: When your potable water tank is just about empty, leaving your RV low on the pickup side of the tank will allow your water pump access to the last couple of gallons of water.
  • Stovetop: Maybe your stovetop isnt plumb with other parts of your RV. Leaving your RV slightly off level may allow for even distribution of grease in the pan when youre frying something other than it flowing to one side.

For my RV, I leave it slightly low to the door side and slightly low in the nose. This keeps bath water from flowing off the edge of the bathtub onto the floor and causes the bathroom door to stay in the fully open position, so I dont have to worry about it being partway open and running into it in the middle of the night while camping in the middle of the boondocks (which can be VERY dark).

Being slightly a bubble off, just another adventure in RVing!

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