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As the lock-down continues, many of us are simply looking for ways to cope. For some, that means ordering Italian food for five consecutive meals, while the arugula and salmon you bought at Jewel rot in the fridge. For others, it means vacillating between the simultaneous ecstasy and aggravation of not-having-anything-to-do. Still for others, it means sobbing over a puzzle until the cardboard pieces begin to disintegrate.

Yet— as states across the country begin to reopen, a tiny flutter of hope for a normal summer is starting to stir in all of us. At Lux and Concord, that means dreaming up summer outfits and compulsively online shopping. With that in mind, we’ve outlined some “transitional pieces” that will serve you well while you stay at home on lock-down but will also perfectly transcend into the eventual freedom of summer. …Or if this turns out to be the end of the world, will at least bring you some joy before the catastrophic finale.

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Headbands: A pop culture phenomenon. Think Blair Waldorf. Think Chrissy Teigen’s “Headband of the Day”. If you find yourself constantly redoing your hair on the family Facetime, hoping it will impress your mother (who told your sister she looked “skinny” when she joined the call but was suspiciously silent about your own appearance) – it might be time to invest in a headband (and perhaps some therapy??). A headband is not only a great way to keep your hair out of your face while you work, it’s an excellent pool-side accessory for later in the summer. And frankly, sometimes a headband doesn’t just pull your look together, it pulls your life together. Aside from Chrissy, Liz Adams (see above) is one of our favorite gals for headband ideas. She also has some fun transitional outfit ideas for you, too!

Watch: Although it might seem that time is meaningless (considering your husband has played NBA2K for 82 hours today), “NOW MORE THAN EVER” a watch is an investment in our sanity. An item to tether us to the current moment. Preserving measurement. Sanctifying routines. AND IT’S SHINY. A distraction from the current chaos of the world, perhaps? And when this pandemic finally ceases and you can go out into the world, a watch is a timeless (*cringe*) piece of jewelry.

Non-Jean Pants: Let’s start with linen! The virtues of linen are truly endless. It’s a natural, lightweight fabric that is comfortable, breathable, and downright stylish. Yes, yes – it wrinkles easily. But you can’t control wrinkles. And you can’t control a global pandemic, or a worldwide lock-down, or the fact that there’s’ nothing left to watch on Netflix. Wrinkly linen is a reminder that sometimes it’s OK not to be in control. In fact, the casual, effortlessness of a linen pant is not only perfect for a morning working at your kitchen table during quarantine, but also a stylish outfit for an evening dining al fresco when Quartino finally reopens. We LOVE this version from Amazon!

Scarves: A nice silk (or if you’re not a millionaire: a simple lightweight) scarf is an indispensable wardrobe item. A scarf can add a pop of color to your Google Hangout meetings. A scarf can take a simple t-shirt from bland to dressed-up. You can even wear a scarf as a headband (see above). If you need some inspiration, check out Dr. Deborah Birx, Response Coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force. MUCH has been made about her extensive (and expensive!) scarf collection, including an Instagram page dedicated exclusively to this favored accessory. While she’s currently serving only business-professional lewks, we bet those same scarves will be re-purposed to a chic vacation-vibe during her well-deserved summer, probably somewhere in the Hamptons.

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Tie Dye: Tie dye is all the rage right now. It seems that every tick-tocker and ‘Gram influencer has been sporting some kind of tie-dye track suit. There are even tutorials on how to do a purple tie-dye look using wine (an awful waste of valuable resources, in our opinion). While this sartorial choice may seem like a flash-in-the-pan (much like Tick Tock itself), tie-dye’s bright and bold colors lend itself to a fun and funky summery aesthetic. A pair of tie-dye yoga pants will work when you’re lounging on a beach towel this summer but are also great for laying in child’s pose on your yoga mat while the rest of the virtual Studio Three class does burpees. Our favorite Jess from Bows and Sequins continually shares her love for this trend in all forms, and she’s our go-to for the trend!

T-Shirt Dresses: A t-shirt dress is just an extension of what is likely your favorite item to wear: a t-shirt. A classic t-shirt dress is essentially like wearing a blanket, or else a hug. A t-shirt dress is both comfortable and versatile. You can add nice jewelry and a cardigan to dress it up for a Zoom call with your boss, but you can just as easily rock a t-shirt dress at a concert this summer (assuming those actually happen this year).

Hopefully these pieces inspire your style goals and instill hope for the future. If not, we recommend eating some bread. Carbs are a magic (albeit temporary) cure for pandemic doldrums!

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